When a development proposal is submitted for planning permission, neighbouring individuals or groups may submit written representations or objection letters to the local planning authority. These representations outline concerns, objections, or support for the proposed development, highlighting how the project may impact them or their properties.

How can SHW assist

Guidance on Representation: We provide guidance on drafting effective objection letters or representations, outlining concerns in a clear and impactful manner.


Legal Advice: Offering advice on relevant planning law and policies to ensure that any objection aligns with all relevant planning policy and guidance.


Evidence Compilation: Assisting in gathering relevant evidence or information to support objections to a proposed scheme of development.


Submission Support: Helping with the formal submission process, ensuring objections are properly presented to the local planning authority.


Please use our Planning Enquiry Form if you would like further information. 

Our approach

Our aim is to help you voice your concerns effectively through written representations, ensuring that your objections are considered during the planning decision-making process.


Through consultation about the proposed development and understanding your concerns or objections regarding its potential impact, we are then able to guide you on how to structure and articulate your objections effectively. 


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