A Prior Approval Application can be made in certain instances and can avoid the need for making a planning application. Such an application is necessary to seek approval for specific aspects of a proposed form of development that don't require full planning permission but fall under permitted development rights, subject to certain conditions and limitations.

How can SHW help you

Understanding Permitted Development Rights

Providing guidance on the scope and limitations of permitted development rights applicable to your proposed scheme fo development.


Application Preparation and Submission

Assisting in preparing and submitting the Prior Approval Application with the required supporting drawings and documentation.


Compliance and Requirements

Ensuring that the proposed development successfully meets the criteria specified for prior approval, addressing any potential issues.


Please use our Planning Enquiry Form if you would like further information.

How we do it

The method we follow on Prior Approval Applications involves a through review of the specific aspects of a proposed scheme that fall under prior approval requirements. We will then assist you in compiling and completing the necessary forms and documentation required for the Prior Approval Application befroe sumitting to the local planning authority for approval. 


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