Our planning team boasts a wealth of experience gained across all aspects of the town and county planning spectrum. We regularly act for a wide range of clients and draw upon our broad professional knowledge and skills base to secure planning consents for development schemes in both rural and urban environments and across a number of sectors including housing, retirement and care, student accommodation, offices, industry and logistics, tourism and leisure, education, town centre and retail. Key to our continued success is our pragmatic approach to each project and our ability to develop robust, realistic solutions to what can often appear to others as complex planning conundrums.

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We recognsie that each project requires a bespoke strategy and in turn, tailor our work to our clients’ specific needs and draw upon our expertise in order to develop short, medim and long-term strategies for sites across the UK.  


Our planners are second to none and pride themselves on providing clients with a first-class service. It is this underlying approach and quality of work that continues to lead to repeat instructions and referrals which in turn, is responsible for the the excellent reputation for providing planning consultancy services that we are widely known for.


Please use our Planning Enquiry Form if you would like to get in touch.


Advertisement Consent Applications

An Advertisement Consent Application is a formal request submitted to the local planning authority to seek permission for the display of certain types of advertisements. These could include signs, posters, or other forms of outdoor advertising. The application is necessary to ensure that the proposed advertisements comply with local planning regulations and policies.

Certificates of Lawfulness – Existing/Proposed Uses/Buildings

A Certificate of Lawfulness can be sought in different contexts related to property. The Certificate of Lawfulness (Existing Use or Development) is applied for to confirm that the current use or development on a property is lawful and complies with planning regulations, providing legal confirmation of its permitted status. The Certificate of Lawfulness (Proposed Use or Development) is sought before initiating any work to establish the legitimacy of a proposed project under planning regulations. Lastly, the Certificate of Lawfulness (Existing Building) pertains to the lawful use of an existing building, confirming that its current use aligns with planning regulations.

Discharge/Variation/Removal of Condition Applications

Discharge, Variation, and Removal of Condition Applications are processes within the planning system related to existing planning permissions.

Full/Outline/Householder Planning Applications

A Planning Application inquiry is the process of seeking permission from the local planning authority for property development or modifications. Three common types are Full, Outline, and Householder Planning Applications.

Listed Building Consent Applications

Listed Building Consent Applications refer to the formal process required when seeking permission to make changes or alterations to a building that's officially listed for its historical or architectural significance. Listed buildings are recognised and protected due to their cultural or historical importance. This application is necessary to ensure that any proposed alterations or developments maintain the heritage value of the listed structure.

Planning Appeal Applications

A planning application appeal occurs when an individual or entity disagrees with the decision made by a local planning authority (such as a council) regarding a proposed property development. This appeal process allows the applicant to challenge the decision in front of an independent body, seeking a review or reversal of the original ruling.

Planning Appraisals

A Planning Appraisal, often referred to as a planning assessment or planning evaluation, is a systematic examination or assessment of proposed development or land use plans against established policies, regulations and guidelines.

Planning Enforcement Applications

Planning enforcement applications deal with situations where a property development either doesn’t have proper planning permission or is not in compliance with the permissions granted. This process involves the investigation, monitoring, and potential action taken by local planning authorities to rectify unauthorised developments or breaches of planning regulations.

Pre-Application Enquiries

A pre-application enquiry is a preliminary step taken by individuals or developers who are considering a construction project or property development. It involves contacting local planning authorities or relevant governing bodies to seek informal guidance and feedback before formally submitting a planning application. The aim is to gain insight into the feasibility, potential issues, and requirements associated with the proposed project.

Prior Approval Applications

A Prior Approval Application is a formal process required for certain types of property developments or changes specified by planning regulations. This application is necessary to seek approval for specific aspects of a development that don't require full planning permission but fall under permitted development rights, subject to certain conditions and limitations.

Strategic Land Promotion – Local Plan Submissions

Strategic land promotion refers to the process of promoting and advocating for the inclusion of specific areas or parcels of land for future development within the local planning policies and frameworks outlined in a local plan. This process aims to influence the allocation of land for housing, commercial, or mixed-use developments.

Written Representations – Neighbour Objection Letters

When a property development proposal is submitted for planning permission, neighbouring individuals or groups may submit written representations or objection letters to the local planning authority. These representations outline concerns, objections, or support for the proposed development, highlighting how the project might affect them or their properties.


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