An Advertisement Consent Application is a formal request submitted to the Local Planning Authority to seek permission for the display of certain types of advertisements. These could include signs, posters, or other forms of outdoor advertising. An application is required to ensure that a proposed form of advertisement successfully complies with planning policies.

What SHW can do for you

We can assist you with the preparation and submition of an Advertisement Consent Application:


Understanding Requirements:

We provide guidance on the specific requirements and restrictions related to outdoor advertising in your local area.


Documentation Preparation:

We help you compile the necessary documentation, including details of the proposed advertisements, their size, location, and any other relevant information.


Compliance Assistance:

We ensure that your application aligns with planning policy and addresses any potential concerns or issues that may arise during the review process.


Please use our Planning Enquiry Form if you would like further information.

SHW do this by

Our process involves collaboration and attention to detail:



We work closely with you to understand the nature of the advertisements you intend to display and the objectives behind them.


Document Preparation:

We assist in preparing a comprehensive Advertisement Consent Application, including all required information and supporting documentation.


Submission and Follow-Up:

We submit the application on your behalf and, if necessary, engage with the local planning authority during the review process to address any inquiries or modifications required for approval.


Our goal is to facilitate a smooth Advertisement Consent Application process, ensuring that your proposed advertisement complies with planning policy and ultimately receives the approval from the local planning authority.


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