Business rates represent a large cost for occupiers of commercial premises and owners of vacant property. For Rating List 2017, legislation, and the introduction of the 'Check, Challenge & Appeal' system, is complex, and ratepayers need to be aware that ill-advised challenges against their rating assessments could even result in increases, rather than reductions.

How we can help you

We deal with all aspects of business rates and will work with you to reduce your liability by reviewing your current assessment and recommending an appropriate strategy to both reduce the liability moving forward as well as recovering any overpaid business rates. We do this by negotiating with the Valuation Office Agency and liaising with the local billing authority. We can also actively manage your property portfolio to ensure all applicable rates reliefs are obtained. Our objective is to save you money.


Explaining how the rating system works for all types of commercial property

Actively managing your property to obtain all applicable rates reliefs

Advising on splits, mergers and deletions of commercial property assessments

Advising on empty rates issues and developing innovative legal mitigation strategies

Submitting rating appeals and negotiating with the Valuation Office Agency

Supplying detailed Savings and Budgetary Reports using leading industry rating software

Interpreting rating case law and legislations

Liaising with Local Billing Authorities to recover savings

Interpreting rating case law and legislation

Keep costs to an absolute minimum

Examining your Rateable Value and considering how it can be reduced

Guiding you through the complexities of Valuation Tribunal procedures



How we do it

We are a team of surveyors operating across the UK who are fully compliant with RICS Rating Consultancy Code of Practice. Whether you are an occupier paying business rates on property you use, or an owner with empty property on which you are paying rates, then we are on hand to help and advise you on the best route to take to save money and set up accurate payments and budgets.

Business Rates services

• Business rates appeals

• Business rates audit
• Business rates management
• Completion of statutory Valuation Office forms
• Detailed savings and budgetary reports
• Empty property rates mitigation
• Negotiations with the local authority
• Reduce Business Rates

• Valuation for Business Rates


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SHW have recently been instructed to provide Harwoods with Rating advice for the 2023 Rating List. Their portfolio consists of 30 properties including luxury car showrooms and repair centres across the South Coast,


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