A Planning Application inquiry is the process of seeking permission from the Local Planning Authority for the development of property or land. The most common types are Full, Outline, and Householder Planning Applications.

How can SHW assist

We provide tailored assistance for each type of Planning Application:


Full Planning Application:

We guide you through the process, in turn preparing comprehensive plans and documents, ensuring compliance with local requirements and addressing potential concerns.


Outline Planning Application:

We assist in articulating the key planning matters regardig your development proposal, preparing the initial application, and advising on subsequent steps.


Householder Planning Application:

For householder level developements, we help you create the necessary drawings and documentation required for smaller-scale schemes.


Please use our Planning Enquiry Form if you would further information.

How can we achieve this

Our approach involves close collaboration with you:


Full Planning Application:

We work to understand your detailed development requirments, create comprehensive submission packs, and provide ongoing guidance through the planning process.


Outline Planning Application:

We help you express the fundamental elements of your project in the initial application, in turn aiming to secure consent for the principle of a proposed scheme of development. 


Householder Planning Application:

We collaborate with you to understand your requirments and assist in the preparation of necessary documentation specific to smaller-scale projects.


Our goal is to streamline the application process, providing you with support which is tailored to the unique requirements of each type of planning application, thereby increasing the likelihood of approval.

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