A planning appeal can be lodged when an applicant disagrees with a decision made by a Local Planning Authority on a planning application. An appeal allows an applicant to challenge the decision in front of an independent body, seeking a review or reversal of the original ruling.

How SHW can help you

Consultation: We can review your planning application and the decision made by the local planning authority to assess the grounds for and chance of success at appeal.

Documentation Support:
Assisting in preparing the necessary documents and evidence required to give your apepla the best chance of success.

Acting as your representative throughout the appeal proceedings, presenting your case to The Plannnig Inspectorate.


Please use our Planning Enquiry Form if you would like further information.

How we do it

After an initial consultation and determining if strong grounds for an appeal exist, we will assist in preparing the required documents and submit an appeal within the specified timeframe. 


By engaging in the appeal process, our aim is to advocate for your position, clearly demonstrate the planning merits of your scheme, and potentially overturn an unfavourable decision made by the local planning authority. 

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