Discharge, Variation, and Removal of Condition Applications are processes within the planning system related to existing planning permissions.

How SHW can play their part

We offer tailored assistance for each type of application:


Discharge of Condition:

We guide you through the process of demonstrating that the specified conditions have been met and assist in preparing and submitting comprehensive applications for discharge.


Variation of Condition:

We help you articulate proposed changes, prepare supporting documentation, and submit a well-documented application for the variation of planning conditions.


Removal of Condition:

We assist in compiling a strong case justifying why the condition is no longer necessary, impractical, or relevant, and help you submit a persuasive application for its removal.


Please use our Planning Enquiry Form if you would like furthe information.

We do this by

Our approach involves collaboration and attention to detail:



We work closely with you to understand the specifics of the planning conditions, your development, and your goals in seeking discharge, variation, or removal.


Documentation Preparation:

We assist in preparing a comprehensive application that clearly addresses the criteria for discharge, outlines proposed variations, or justifies the removal of conditions.


Submission and Follow-Up:

We submit the application on your behalf and, wheer required, engage with the local planning authority during the review process, addressing any concerns or modifications considered necessary for approval.


Our goal is to facilitate a smooth process for Discharge, Variation, or Removal of Condition Applications, ensuring that the local planning authority approves the requested changes in a timely and efficient manner.


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