We understand that throughout the lifecycle of a building adaptation and changes will need to be made to keep up with client requirements and ever changing commercial and residential markets. It is essential that assets are actively maintained and improved to enhance value and use.

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How we can help you

Whether you are purchasing or leasing a property, we can provide you with a pre-acquisition or building survey to highlight areas of potential concern. Our maintenance programmes will identify work required throughout a 10 year cycle and create budget projections for future expenditure. This allows you to plan the work required to maintain your building, saving you potential major costs.


We provide professional advice and guidance on all areas of building consultancy, including scheduling remedial works, managing building and refurbishment projects, incorporating design advice, contract administration, and project management. We also regularly undertake appointments under the Party Wall Act.


From our network of offices across the South East, our Building Consultancy team of experienced and knowledgeable surveyors can offer a comprehensive and intelligent professional service to help you find your property solution and reduce costs.

We provide valuable expertise on every aspect of property ownership and occupation. Our Building Surveyors provide a diverse range of technical and support services relating to the built environment for a varied client base including residential, commercial, retail, education and healthcare for both the public and private sector.



SHW's dynamic architectural team within the Building Consultancy Division have experience with a variety of clients having gained an excellent reputation, working successfully with numerous commercial organisations, academy schools, retail and private clients. We take a holistic approach to architecture, and we are able to provide full design and project management or a tailored package to meet your requirement.

Building Surveys

Building Surveys provide a detailed evaluation of the condition of the property and involves an extensive inspection. Surveys can be undertaken prior to occupation of the property and pre-acquisition surveys can be completed prior to purchasing a property.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration is undertaken by a contract administrator. They are responsible for administering the contract of the project. They generally do not become involved with overseeing the project as this would fall under Project Management. This is a less involved role of ensuring the contract is adhered to.

Defect analysis

A defect is a fault with the property, some of the most common defects reported are cracking, damp penetration, condensation, guttering and defective roof coverings. Ignoring the issue is unlikely to make the problem go away and carrying out expensive work is not always a guarantee of success.

Development monitoring

Development monitoring is required to assess risks, verify payment drawdowns, and provide technical advice to those who provide finance to the development.

Dilapidation Surveyor Services

SHW are experts in dilapidations negotiations throughout the South East of England. Our RICS qualified dilapidation surveyors are able to assist you through the dilapidation process with the minimal fuss. Dilapidations is reference to the condition of a commercial property during their term of the tenancy or when a lease ends. It is reference to any disrepair and obligations set out within the lease agreement. The Tenant is often responsible under the terms of the lease to carry out or pay for the dilapidation works to be rectified upon the end of their lease.

Expert witness reports

An expert witness is an expert who uses their knowledge, training and experience in a specific area to help assist in legal cases. Expert witnesses are required to evaluate the issues using technical property knowledge thereby producing an expert witness report that provides an understanding to the issue arising.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are preliminary studies undertaken in the early stages of a project. They provide a complete picture as to the viability of a project from a financial and regulatory position.


Licences are often required for alterations to a property, to permit scaffold being erected and for specialist works to be undertaken where specific health and safety standards need to be adhered to.

Party wall matters

A Party Wall is a structure which adjoins two or more buildings, this can also extend to a boundary wall and the Party Wall Act can be applicable to any excavations near a boundary or adjoining property. This Act provides the owner of a property the legal right to undertake certain works that might otherwise constitute trespass or nuisance. If works are being planned to your property, a neighbouring property or near a boundary then the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 may be applicable.

Planned maintenance

Maintenance of your building is essential to ensure that it operates at optimum efficiency. Decay and degradation of the building and inadequate maintenance can reduce the performance of the building and pose a Health & Safety issue.

Project management

The instruction of a project manager is critical during a large project when there will be multiple individuals working together on a building project. Ideally the project manager will be instructed at the beginning of a project and will assist the client in successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project

Reinstatement cost assessments

Reinstatement cost assessments (RCA) are essential to ensure you have the correct level of insurance cover for your property. Whether you are an investor, owner or occupier. An RCA calculates the cost of rebuilding a property including demolition costs, professional fees and and statutory authority fees. Costs are based on reinstatement to a condition equal too but not greater than when the building was new.

Schedule of condition

Schedules of condition are a factual record of the condition of a property and can be prepared for both residential and commercial buildings. These are prepared for legal or contractual reasons and provided a benchmark against which the condition of the building can be assessed in the future and any changes identified.

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"You need someone who has the time to devote to it, who pays close attention to detail, does the rent collection, and gets the timing spot on - Stiles ticked all the boxes. They were keen to find ways of getting the reporting more streamlined and they were so much better than the managing agents for the other half of the portfolio that we soon decided to put the whole portfolio with SHW"

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