Listed Building Consent Applications are required when extensions or alterations are sought to a building that's listed - either for its historical and/or architectural significance. This application is necessary to ensure that any proposed works maintain the heritage value of the listed property or structure.

SHW are here to help

Navigating Listed Building Legislation

Guiding you through the complex legislation and requirements specific to listed buildings, ensuring compliance with concervationa and preservation legislation and policy.


Documentation and Application Assistance

Assisting in preparing comprehensive and accurate documentation required for Listed Building Consent Applications.


Understanding Conservation and Preservation Guidelines

Providing valuable insight into conservation and preservation legislation and policy and advising on works that would successfully preserve the integrity of heritage assets.


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How we do it

We start by conducting a thorough assessment of the proposed changes against conservation and preservation policy. We then assist in compiling the documentation outlining the works and any impact on the heitage asset. Our next step is to engage with the relevant authorities or organisations to ensure we are aligned with the guidelines. This will allow us to make recommendations on any works that are needed to meet relevant policy requirements. 

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