A Certificate of Lawfulness can be sought in different contexts related to property. The Certificate of Lawfulness (Existing Use or Development) is applied for to confirm that the current use or development of a property is lawful and complies with planning legislation, providing legal confirmation of its permitted status. A Certificate of Lawfulness (Proposed Use or Development) is sought before initiating any work to establish the legitimacy of a proposed project under planning law.

How can SHW work for you

We provide tailored assistance for each type of Certificate of Lawfulness:


Existing Use or Development:

We guide you through the process of gathering evidence to demonstrate the continuous and lawful use or development of the property, helping you prepare a robust application.


Proposed Use or Development:

We assist in compiling the necessary documentation to support your proposal, ensuring that it aligns with planning legislation and presents a strong case for lawful development.


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This is achieved by

Our approach involves collaboration and meticulous preparation:



We work closely with you to understand the specifics of the existing or proposed use or development, ensuring that we gather all of the necessary information.


Documentation Preparation:

We assist in preparing a thorough application, to include for evidence, plans, and any other documentation required to support the application.


Submission and Follow-Up:

We submit the application on your behalf and, if necessary, engage with the local planning authority during the review process to address any inquiries or modifications required for the issuing of the Certificate of Lawfulness.


Our goal is to facilitate a smooth process for obtaining Certificates of Lawfulness, providing assurances regarding the legality of existing or proposed uses and developments.


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