A pre-application enquiry is a preliminary step taken by individuals or developers who are considering the development of property or land. It involves the submission of an information pack to the local planning authorities in order to seek informal guidance and feedback before formally submitting a planning application. A local planning authority's feedback is often given verbally in a meeting and subsequently confirmed in writing. The aim is to gain valuable insight into potential concerns and requirements associated with a future planning application.

How can we help you?

Navigating Planning Regulations

Providing guidance on national planning legislation, planing policies and guidance documents considered most relevant to your scheme of development.


Identifying Potential Challenges

Highlighting potential hurdles or challenges that might arise during the formal planning application process.


Clarifying Requirements

Helping you understand the specific documentation, studies, or information needed to support a formal planning application.


Suggesting Alternatives or Solutions

Offering suggestions or alternatives n recipt of localplanning authority feedback to enhance the chances of securing planning permission.


Please use our Planning Enquiry Form if you would like further infomration.

How we do it

Through consultation and review with planning authorities, we discuss a scheme's planning merits before conducting a comprehensive review of local planning policies considered most applicable to the development. Our expertise allows us to assess the project aims and identify potential issues or areas that might pose as challenges during the pre-application enquiry. 

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