A Planning Appraisal, often referred to as a planning assessment or planning evaluation, is a study which is undertaken to establish a site or property's development potential. It considers the unique characteristics of a site or property and in turn, aims to identify constraints and opportunities to development and makes recommendations regarding planning strategies.

How SHW can be of service

Assessing Land or Property Use Suitability

Determining the suitablity of development against designated land use policies.


Ensuring Policy Compliance

Ensuring that developments align with national, regional and local level planning policies.


Impact Assessment

Analysing the potential impacts that your project may have on the surrounding area, including traffic, environment, infrastructure, and community.


Feasibility and Viability Evaluation
Reviewing the practicality and financial viability of your proposed project, considering potential benefits and drawbacks.

Public Consultation Guidance

Providing advice on consulting with stakeholders and the public to gather valuable feedback.


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How we do it

We conduct thorough assessment of land and property, in turn considering the development potential by referring to planning policies as well as utilising various assessment tools to evaluate the potential impact on traffic, environment, infrastructure and communities. 


Our expertise allow us to assess the practicality and financial viability of your project as well as offering robust strategies for effective stakeholder engagement and public consultation processes to gather diverse perspectives.

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