Property Rescue in South East England UK

We offer property rescue services in the South East of England UK. When a borrower breaches their loan to value covenants or is unable to meet the repayments due on the loan the lender is left with the challenge of protecting the funds they have lent to the borrower. The challenge is unlocking value, assessing the property or portfolio to understand the borrowers’ position so a practical, cost effective solution can be found

How we can help you

Each case differs, and through a thorough assessment of the property assets and the extent of the debt, we can provide clear, strategic advice to protect and where possible increase the value of your asset and recovery, minimising the threat of a financial loss. SHW LPA Receivers seek to maximise income, reduce voids and irrecoverable costs, increase liquidity, and appeal to the market.


We offer competitive real estate recovery solutions to banks, lenders, solicitors, accountants, insolvency practitioners and restructuring professionals nationwide. Our experienced team of LPA Receivers specialise in the restructuring and recovery of fixed charge and secured lending debts by offering effective solutions on all aspects of Property Asset Recovery.



How we do it

We cover the whole of the UK, with Restructuring specialists covered under our Receivers insurance policy and who are members of NARA, ARMA, R3, and RICS.


We have the benefit of a full range of Chartered Surveying services


Recoveries and Restructuring services

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