27 March 2023

Remodelling of ROSLA Buildings, Surrey

Architecture, Education

ROSLA buildings were introduced into mainstream schools in the 1970s to facilitate increased pupil numbers with the raising of the school leaving age from 15 to 16.

Rosla Building

Numerous, standard steel framed buildings were introduced throughout the country, which are now dated in appearance and over 40 years' old. These tired buildings provide an ideal opportunity for upgrading and refurbishing to meet current school building standards.


This school has two ROSLA Blocks which have been the subject of a major refurbishment programme, re-facing the external envelope to present a radically different modern appearance with Cedar cladding and glazing systems.


The internal areas have been uplifted with new ceilings, low energy lighting and carpets.  Improvements to the building fabric have significantly reduced energy costs. The buildings have a new lease of life within a thermally efficient envelope and improved teaching environment. 


Before and after....



More photos of the ROSLA Buildings...



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