As Business Rates Surveyors in London, we extend our services to assist you with your business rates needs. Occupants of commercial properties and owners of vacant premises often face substantial financial burdens due to business rates. Navigating the complexities of the 2017 Rating List, related legislation, and the intricate 'Check, Challenge & Appeal' system can be daunting. It's essential for ratepayers to recognise that uninformed challenges to their rating assessments may inadvertently result in unexpected increases rather than desired reductions.

How we can help you

We provide a wide range of services that cover every aspect of business rates, with the primary goal of minimising your financial responsibilities. By working closely with you, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing assessment and develop a strategic plan to not only reduce your future liability but also recover any overpaid business rates. Our approach involves adept negotiation with the Valuation Office Agency and seamless communication with the local billing authority. Furthermore, we take proactive steps to efficiently manage your property portfolio, ensuring that you benefit from all eligible rates reliefs. Our primary objective is to maximise your savings and optimize your financial outcomes.




How we do it

Our team comprises eight skilled surveyors with extensive expertise, serving multiple locations across the UK. We uphold strict adherence to the RICS Rating Consultancy Code of Practice, guaranteeing that our services meet the highest compliance standards. Whether you are a business occupier grappling with business rates on your operational property or an owner shouldering rates on vacant premises, we are dedicated to offering professional assistance and insightful guidance. Our objective is to assist you in identifying the most optimal strategies to minimise expenses, establish accurate payment structures, and develop precise budgets tailored to your unique circumstances.

Business Rates services

• Business rates appeals
• Business rates audit
• Business rates management
• Completion of statutory Valuation Office forms
• Detailed savings and budgetary reports
• Empty property rates mitigation
• Negotiations with the local authority


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