At SHW we deal with a range of shop, retail property (A1 & A2), restaurants, (A3), Cafes, leisure units (D2), community buildings (D1) in South West London for both letting sale and acquisition. SHW has a Real Estate solution for you whether your property is located in a town centre, on a high street or in a shopping centre or out of town on a retail part or stand alone on a busy road.
  • South West London benefits from a balance of plenty of green space, a multitude of cultural scenes and a thriving property market.

  • The area is well served by public transport including tube trains, network rail and bus routes.

  • Due to the attractions and beauty of the South West London area, the footfall from tourism is high which is conducive to fantastic retail opportunity.


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The Agents at SHW are well versed in London retail property and are on hand to help you find the property that meets your needs. Utilise our Property Search tool to help you start your search for the space you want.

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