3 August 2023

Develop Croydon releases round table report on sustainability and industrial

ESG & Sustainability, Industry News

Held on 24th May 2023, with key participants including Alex Gale, Partner at SHW; Simon Perks, Director at Capital Deployment, Prologis; A spokesperson for Amazon; Alex Hickman, Director, KSP/Gli, and chaired by Bonnie Stephensmith, Associate Director, Develop Croydon, the round table discussion explores the sustainability agenda and how the market is having to shift and adapt to new legislation.

With growing demand across London and the South East, ambitious net zero targets are in place for the market. Fulfilling this demand also necessitates the need to upskill or acquire a workforce with modern and sustainable logistics practices.


There’s definitely a move to quality for new builds, with sustainability being right up there now in terms of the key criteria for the larger units. Whereas the office market had this three to four years ago, it’s only now just coming through on the industrial market.”

Alex Gale, Partner, SHW


Read the full round table report here. https://developcroydon.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Sustainability-Industrial-Roundtable-2023.pdf?utm_campaign=14044946_Develop%20Croydon%20Round%20Table%20Launch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Develop%20Croydon%20Forum&dm_i=12GB,8D15E,IB65AC,YGL3U,1