26 April 2024

SHW identifies and resolves water ingress issue for Sussex Court Ltd

Building Consultancy, SHW News

SHW’s Building Consultancy Team identified a water ingress issue whilst completing a larger external works project for Sussex Court in Hove. Upon inspecting a flat with water ingress to the head of the window in this purpose-built block, the BCD team instructed the contractor to arrange safe access and open an area of the masonry above the window to inspect the cavity.

The existing cavity membrane was in poor condition with a large tear which would cause rainwater to enter the dwelling at the window reveal. The team specified that a new pre-formed plastic interlocking cavity tray be installed, allowing for projections 300mm either side of the window including stop ends, weep holes at 450mm centres, and the area to be repointed to match the existing.



Paul Armstrong, Building Surveyor for SHW liaised with the Property Manager to confirm that the issue had been resolved and commented ‘We were pleased to be able to investigate and diagnose the water ingress issue for the leaseholder, which had been causing damage to their dwelling. The installation of the cavity tray has resolved this defect and allowed them to get back to enjoying their property.’


Serena Taylor, Property Manager at SHW commented, “I was really pleased that Paul was on hand to assist to find a suitable solution to the issue. We are very lucky to have a great BCD team in house to assist with defect analysis”.