Occupiers are now wanting Green Buildings with good ESG / Environmental social and corporate governance credentials, EPC A or B, large receptions, air conditioning, raised floors, photovoltaic cells / PV, EV charging, communal space and much more. With a range of office units available including small managed offices to large HQ offices, SHW has a real estate solution for you.

Why Horsham, West Sussex for Offices for sale


  • Chichester is a city with a rich history, featuring a cathedral, medieval architecture, and a Roman past. The city's historic and cultural attractions can create a unique and prestigious image for your business. If your company values a sense of tradition, heritage, or if you cater to clients who appreciate such surroundings, Chichester's historical significance may be a considerable asset.

  • Chichester has a diverse and prosperous local economy, with a mix of retail, hospitality, and professional services. The city's economic stability can be attractive for businesses looking to establish themselves in a thriving market. Additionally, Chichester hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, drawing in visitors and contributing to the local economy. This can create opportunities for businesses to engage with a broader audience.

  • Chichester offers a range of cultural and recreational amenities, including theaters, galleries, and parks. The presence of these amenities can enhance the overall quality of life for employees and contribute to a positive work environment. Access to cultural activities may also be appealing for businesses in creative industries or those that value employee well-being and work-life balance.


How can SHW help you


With an office located in the neighbouring town of Crawley, our excellent team of commercial property agents are primed and happy to aid you with your search for a commercial property. Use our search tool to start your search for an office for sale today, alternatively contact one of our team members who would be happy to help.

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