30 January 2024

Sustainability playing a significant role at the RICS Building Surveying Conference.

ESG & Sustainability, Property Management, SHW News

This year’s RICS Building Conference is being held on May 7 and sustainability is playing a significant role, presenting the session is expert Tarniah Thompson CIWFM MCMI PIEMA. Tarniah comments “I'm pleased to highlight one of the sessions that discusses effective ESG strategies in facilities management and developing a 'sustainable' culture that incorporates everyone. I'll be looking forward to sharing insights and discussing the necessary collaboration between Facilities Management and Sustainability highlighting its importance in the property sector.”

The importance of Building Surveyors and Facilities Managers collaborating and using data to meet the client's green ambitions is something that will be looked at more closely in the session.


Answering a few hot topic questions Tarniah said;

Why is your topic so important?
ESG is the cornerstone of a resilient and responsible property sector. ESG isn't just a choice; it's a strategic imperative. Beyond mitigating risks, ESG aligns with the global shift towards conscious capitalism, attracting capital, ensuring long-term value, and positioning the property sector as a key player in building a sustainable and equitable future.
What do you hope the audience will gain from your session?
From my session I hope attendees will gain practical insights on embedding sustainability in Facilities Management (FM) practices, charting a course to Net Zero. I aim to demystify ESG concepts, sharing trialled strategies for integrating sustainability into FM operations. I will share how to navigate challenges, engage stakeholders effectively, and foster a sustainable culture. From data-driven decision-making to collaborative approaches for cost control and environmental goals. I aspire to empower the audience with actionable knowledge to turn green ambitions into tangible reality within the FM/property landscape.
What’s your favourite building and why?
There are many! One to mind is The Crystal, located in the Royal Docks, London. It is a notable example of a building in London that has undergone retrofitting to enhance sustainability factor with the aim to improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and promote sustainable practices in the building's operation.


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