9 July 2021


Building Consultancy

SHW have undertaken many thousands of square meters of industrial unit over-roofs, or re-roofing, dependent upon priorities for each unit, and including completion of full estates.

Over-roofing is generally undertaken where current Tenants wish to remain in occupation and continue their ongoing business operations largely unaffected.  These include sacrificial over-netting, in line with FASET guidance, to attend to health and safety concerns, without disrupting internal processes.  The method incorporates enclosure of the existing asbestos cement roof coverings, to slow their deterioration and ensure long term weatherproofing, all with long term warranties.


Re-roofing is usually undertaken where units are empty.  This option results in full removal of the old roof coverings and a new factory finished soffit internally, further improving lighting and aesthetic.


All projects result in new rooflights, including ‘Supasafe’ reinforced external rooflights, and replacement or lined gutters, using proprietary systems, with long term warranties, subject to maintenance requirements.  Insulation levels are also brought up to the current standards.


SHW have been instructed to attend to all aspects of such projects, from initial budgeting assessments; arranging structural assessments of existing buildings to confirm suitability; obtaining Planning where required; arranging drawings for Planning and tender purposes; scheduling, tendering and administering works on site; arranging for Building Regulations certification; coverage of health and safety aspects, including under CDM Regulations.


The results, other than much better looking, uniform unit roofs, include:


  • Long term remedy to failing roofs requiring ongoing maintenance and benefitting from warranties.
  • Addresses multiple issues – cracked sheets, leaking rooflights, faulty flues or gutters, etc.
  • Protection of Landlord’s asset while retaining rent paying Tenants.
  • Raising of unit sustainability performance and value.
  • Improved internal climatic conditions in both hot and cold weathers.
  • Improvements that retain or improve market value.
  • Incentives for existing Tenants to take on new long Leases.
  • Increasing of uniformity and aligning maintenance across the estate roofs.


Roofing projects have also incorporated cladding replacements and overall unit refurbishments for further transformations.

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Mungo Stenning

Building Consultancy


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