20 November 2018

SHW involvement in inspirational youth workforce initiative

Be the Change is a Sussex-based programme encouraging Year 9 pupils to a path of self-development giving them exposure to positive career role models. SHW are a Supporting Partner for the 2018/19 Be the Change programme, and are providing three Business Coaches – Emma Hards (Business Space Partner, Brighton), Laura Miles (Business Space Associate, Crawley) and Carlie Cheall (Senior Surveyor, Crawley Professional Division).

This will be the fifth year since the creation of Be the Change, and the initiative has made a significant impact on the outlook of the youngsters taking part, with 97% of subjects feeling more positive about their future having taken part. The 2018/19 programme started on Friday 9th November with an all-day conference in Crawley.


Founder of, Gary Peters said: “So many people leave school without the tools, confidence or belief to realise their full potential and Be the Change helps ensure our local next generation can thrive, irrespective of any barriers that may be in their way. Anybody can work to be the best they can be; it’s our commitment to give them the tools, confidence and inspiration to do so. We’ve seen outstanding outcomes from all Be the Change programmes and we are looking forward to making a positive difference to the young people involved in the Crawley and Gatwick programme this year.”


Adam Godfrey, SHW Senior Partner said: “This is a great way for us to be able to give back to the communities in which we operate – and we would like to hope young people at the brink of making key decisions about their future careers may find guidance and inspiration from our trio of Business Coaches.”


Steph Hancock, Year 9 Leader at St Wilfrid’s Catholic School said: “Wow! What an incredible day the students have had. Many of them were apprehensive about stepping out of their comfort zones but from the word ‘go’ they’ve been encouraged to put their trust in others and take a leap of faith. All have done something today which they never would have done without the ideas and motivation received at Be the Change. I can’t wait to see them blossom through the next five sessions.”


Adam Godfrey

01293 441314

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