22 November 2017

Inaugural Crawley Investor Tour a success

Crawley was showcased in front of investors, fund managers and business leaders by way of an investor tour through the town.

A guided bus trip and visits to key locations in Gatwick, Manor Royal and the town centre was put together by the investor tour team including Property Consultant SHW.

Crawley / Gatwick is a key economic hub for the entire South East and especially Sussex, currently experiencing a boom in speculative development and attracting new business to the town, including:


  • Crawley / Gatwick represents only 2.5% of the land mass of West Sussex yet accounts for 25% of its GDP
  • Crawley has seen an increasing number of companies relocating to the town including RFS, Permasense and Secam
  • There are currently three industrial warehouse developments being built, providing in excess of 200,000 sq ft
  • Circa 500,000 sq ft of high quality office accommodation available


SHW Senior Partner Adam Godfrey (pictured above) who helped devise and organise the tour said: “We are delighted to be a main sponsor of this, and look to build upon the success of it. The Crawley region has a lot to be proud of and to have a showcase event to update potential investors and keystakeholders on new exciting developments is perfect.”



Adam Godfrey

01293 441314

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