27 June 2017

Drone photography - bringing new perspective to SHW sites

Until relatively recently aerial photography was used sparingly in marketing commercial properties - for big budget, high-profile instructions.

The advent of new technologies, notably the increasing availability of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) more commonly known as drones, has meant high definition aerial shots of both a still and moving nature are available to agents and clients alike.
This has allowed us:
• Greater photographic flexibility
• Capturing numerous angles, positions, heights - including plan view shots - looking 'straight down'
• Ability to fill the gap between mast photography and traditional aeroplane photography
• Greater filming capability for videos
• Higher quality images
Duncan Lethbridge of Three Sixty Group has undertaken numerous commercial property photography projects for SHW during the past decade featuring mast photography. And more recently using the UAV/drone for photography and video projects.

"It gives a greatly enhanced sense of clarity, the vicinity and overall perspective," says Duncan. "Though legally UAV/drones are limited to flying a maximum height of 400ft above ground, this is still plenty high enough to deliver overview aerial shots similar to traditional aeroplane photography."

Tim Hardwicke, Head of Agency for SHW said: "Expert use of drones can transform the way we present a building to the wider world - a method we intend to use more frequently in future.
"Not only can drones put a site in its topographical context, it also provides compelling, rare and otherwise unseen views."

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