14 March 2018

New Croydon Local Plan – 15% minimum affordable housing requirement

The new Croydon Local Plan recently adopted - the culmination of several years’ work in order to adopt this policy. Whilst in its entirety it does not represent a game changer or a shift change in development, it does include a significant shift with regards to affordable housing provisions, setting out a minimum requirement of 15% of affordable housing for any particular scheme, albeit with the allowance of a recalculation upon completion.

The local planning authority have made it clear both within this new policy document and within meetings that if the minimum requirement for affordable housing is not possible to deliver, Planning Permission will be refused outright.


Whilst the local authority will challenge on this minimum affordable housing figure, the council have sufficient evidence to demonstrate that all sites within the borough are able to meet this level without being unviable.


SHW Director of Planning Alex Bateman said: “This significant shift in affordable housing is likely to have ramifications on development sites where finances are tight. It is worth noting however that discussions with planning offices have confirmed that in order to meet this minimum requirement for affordable housing there is likely to be a shift in their thinking regarding scale and massing to allow for an increase in the number of units. In many cases this is the only way to ensure a development is both viable and capable of providing the required affordable housing.”


Alex Bateman

01273 876265

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